The program is delivered in a two-phase approach to include the Accelerated Learning Certificate in Software Development (ALC) – three (3) months of technical and non-technical skills training, and a six (6) month intense boot camp-style practical training in ICT product and service development.

A) ALC Content Delivery 

The program content will be delivered in a modular format through face to face sessions facilitated by industry professionals. Students will undertake 70% of the load through self-study and assignments.

Non-technical studies will be delivered parallel to technical modules over the three months period. Technical modules will be crafted against the standard study outlines and industry-relevant case studies.

The ALC Program runs on a continuous assessment model. Students will be assessed for their understanding of both technical and non-technical modules throughout and the end of each study through practical/application tasks. Non- technical modules will be assessed through practical group and individual tasks to be completed by students.

Every student will have access to up to four (4) professional Microsoft certifications that can be undertaken based on will and competence.


WEEK Non-Technical Module Technical Module
1 Leadership and Personal development Software Dev’t Platforms; Web, Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, Embedded & Data Analytics
2 Leadership and Personal development Introduction to Javascript & Git
3 Learn & Agile


Introduction to Javascript & Git
4 Learn & Agile


Data Structures & Algorithms
5 Human Centered Design


Object-Oriented JavaScript
6 Human Centered Design Object-Oriented JavaScript
7 Lean Start-up, Planning, Tracking & Management Node JS + TDD + DOM
8 Lean Start-up, Planning, Tracking & Management
9 System Security
10  Community Engagement
Voice of the customer
12 Wrap – Up Assessments



 B) Boot Camp

A team of fifteen (15) students who fulfill all requirements for completion of the program and demonstrate high ability to learn and lead will be selected to join an intense software and business development accelerator program designed as a boot camp.
Over the course of six (6) months, the selected students will undergo in-depth training in the areas of software development and project management in order to produce a minimum viable ICT solution for an actual challenge in an industry of their choice.