“Digi Health” emerges winner of UpAccelerate Incubator II

On the 5th of October, a team of Alumni which has been undergoing business training and incubation in UNFPA’s UpAccelerate program emerged best after demonstrating the work done over the 4 month program. The team of 3, former students of Applied ICT & Leadership program, under the brand name Digi Health took to the stage alongside eleven other entrepreneurs to show case their “Health Data Harvester” a mobile technology that’s enabling field health workers to collect and store safely patient data taken during the examination and treatment of people in community outreach programs.

The solution which is enabling healthcare providers and facilities make sense of impact, reach and requirement of community-based healthcare interventions comes at a time when the conversation about access, affordability, and alternative modes of care to hospital-based healthcare delivery is ripe in Uganda. Having young people take part in building systems which will remain relevant tomorrow is key in building the Uganda we want.

The Digi Health team competed in the UpAccelerate business incubator selection process back in May, 2017 and were awarded a $10,000 grant towards the development of their mobile solution. They have since been able to deploy and test the product in Mengo Hospital, Kampala, Bushenyi Integrated Rural Development, Kisiizi Health center II, Beverly health center III Buhwejju, Kitagata Health center II to prove their concept.


DigiHealth Team (L-R) Jacque Mutumba, Obed Mongeni, a& Aidah Bukubuza

Aidah Bukubiza, a team member on what next: “we are already scaling up with partnership with other organizations like Women Health Foundation which recently hosted the first Women Health summit 2017 and Heart sounds Uganda who will be signing up for Digi Health Mobile System to improve their data collection and report submissions.”

The Applied ICT and leadership program continues to foster strong working relations between students and the industry by supporting innovative students to take part in programs beyond their program studies in order to establish an understanding on the actual challenges the students are being built to tackle and the environment/industry in which they’ll have to work to make it happen.

We are pleased to be able to contribute to the future of healthcare delivery in all these ways, and to provide a stepping stone for our students to be able to solve pressing problems in their communities. We congratulate team Digi Health and their mentors upon this milestone and continue to support their every endeavor.


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