Project CritiCARE is an undertaking by Criticare Limited to develop a critical care application that will link general practitioners to critical care specialists.
The system’s purpose is to significantly reduce the loss of life that occurs as a result of patients in critical condition not being attended to by a critical care specialist in time.

CritiCARE will enable the specialist to have a bird’s eye view of Apeach score values, daily updates, Lab results, ward referrals, vital signs, mews, and triggers. The specialist will be able to request immediate transfer of critical patients as and when required. Additionally, the app will allow instant communication between GPs and specialists, specialists and specialists, and all other users. This will foster collaboration and exposure to a wider community of experts thus availing high-quality patient treatment.

The project has received $10,000 worth of accelerator funding from Lift256 that’s enabling it to reach the commercialization stage.

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