We nurture and support young people to become seasoned servant leaders in whichever industry they choose to serve. As a result, we have observed young women and men walk through the doors of this program and leave changed and ready to cause positive change among their communities. This space is a curation of the stories of the journeys , changing the lives of those around them.

“Digi Health” emerges winner of UpAccelerate Incubator II

On the 5th of October, 2017 a team of Alumni which has been undergoing business training and incubation in UNFPA’s UpAccelerate program emerged best after demonstrating the work done over the 4 month program. The team of 3, former students of Applied ICT & Leadership program, under the brand name Digi Health took to the stage alongside eleven other entrepreneurs to show case their “Health Data Harvester” a mobile technology that’s enabling field health workers to collect and store safely patient data taken during the examination and treatment of people in community outreach programs.