The Applied ICT & Leadership program is a bridge between academia & Industry application of ICTs.

The program is delivered in the two-phase approach below, to benefit fresh graduates and equip them adequately for the industry experience;

Content delivery; for a period of four months, non-technical subjects essential to the development and management of ICT projects will be delivered parallel to technical modules which will build on students’ abilities to develop software solutions such, i.e. coding/ web & mobile development.

Boot camp; The first four (4) months of content delivery will be followed by six (6) months of intense practical skilling for at least fifteen (15) of the students who will have demonstrated greatest ability and willingness to learn. The students will undertake the development and deployment of ICT solutions for various industry partners.

The program largely be a blended approach with the participants occupying about 70% of the learning process. Use of facilitators, Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCS), mentorship and coaching, Guest Lectures, Webinars, debates/seminars, Microsoft Apps Factory Platform and other partner engagements will provide the core approaches of delivering the program. Every module is delivered by industry expert as a co-facilitator and therefore, seeks to have modules assigned to specific organizations to champion them. Underlying every module is the desire to develop critical analytical and comprehension skills.